Another heated debate: Art Vs. Craft

Here is my list of Craft Classifications:

  • Jewelry
  • Masks
  • Weaving
  • Sewing
  • Scrap booking
  • Glass blowing
  • Ironmongery
  • and some types of pottery

Here is my list of Art Taxonomy:

  • Painting
  • Sculptures
  • Drawings
  • Prints
  • Graphics
  • and some types of pottery

I crossed out my list, because categorizing the difference between art and craft is one of the few impossible things in this world. Subjectivity. That is the difference between art and craft.

At first I thought the difference was function.

If it had a function it was made by a crafts-person and if it had zero use it was made by an artist. For example the plate on the top ( shown below) was considered by the rule of function a craft.  You can eat on it and will be most likely serve as a left-over pasta container. A clue that gave the plates labeling away was it was in a set, which meant that it as supposed to be used to serve many. Sine the designer or craft-person intended it to be used to bare food, then it is deemed a craft… regardless of its beauty and design. The plate at the bottom is clearly a piece of art. Right? Can you really tell? Unless you are a trained archeologist or art historian it’s hard distinguish other “art qualifiers” like the pieces age and purpose. In reality it doesn’t matter which plate picture demonstrates function. I can eat my meatballs off of both plates. Therefore, my craft=function; art= nonfunctional formula is false.


And then I narrowed sorting by meaning.

Marcel Duchamps “Fountain” is merely a signed porcelain urinal. It’s not even signed with the artist name! The reason why this piece is shown in the museum is because this toilet stands for something. It  was created to challenge conceptualization. What a bold toilet. Now the toilet at the bottom, is actually part of an installation, it is beautifully contrasted by the color splashed wall,  and represents the releases of shits I give. Did I trick you? The Duchamp masterpiece is a middle finger to the man, but the everyday toilet means more to me.  So which one is the true “obra” the fuck you fountain or palliative porcelain?


I even tried to rank art and craft by social importance. How stupid of me.

Do I measure social importance by how much more it means to people or how much it means to more people? Almost every American has either seen or heard of Washington Monument. Does anyone know what that specific totem pole’s name is? or where its located? or anything about it? A totem pole is considered a sculpture and a monument a statue. Even worse this statue is an architecture. It shouldn’t count as a work of art? should it ? I didn’t even include architecture on my list. But wait it is more socially important. Yet, a sculpture is more recognized as a work of art. Now, this debate got confusing.


You should’ve skipped all this writing and just watched the video. It will explain all:


Does this debate even matter all of these items were made by artisans anyway.

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