Fire and Rescue

Sorrow, sadness, maybe solemness is the expression I was trying to go for in the victims face. And blood isn’t in the water or painted on his face. It’s the sirens on the firetrucks that are shadowing the boys face with a somber rouge. There is detailing in his face, so that you know that the sufferer is Asian. The face has minute detailing in the dropped wrinkles and lips that make a big impression in the mood of the painting.

There are also wrinkles in the jacket that are highlighted by shading. The white sprinkles in the painting are the reflective spots of water. It helps show the overall direction of the piece. The tan hose is curved and is complimented by the grass curve in the left bottom corner. And the Fire truck coming into the piece is also complimented by a firetruck leaving. I think the curves and the fire trucks opposing directions give the painting a yin yang symbolism.

The red colors suggest destruction, yet the subdued green shows life. One of the objects in the painting that is most striking would be the axe. The axe was included because it was there in the original photograph. I think it gives the painting a more menacing look though the subject has been saved. Again, opposing ideas in a yin yang portrait.

Other objects found in the painting are a cell phone and IPad in the boys hands. You don’t why he has those items, or if those are his valuable or what his going to do with them. But the little bit of blue shows that the cellphone is lit and he is using it (maybe to call for help).  I think that painting was suppose to both exude a mood and tell a story.

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