Using your Body as a Canvas.

Most people who want tattoos struggle coming up with the initial idea. By getting a famous art piece tattooed on your skin, you can be assured that the art concept was good. Other times prospective tattoo client struggles with coming up an ink artist. A sure way to eliminate fake artists is to ask if they can trace a famous piece. If they can’t even do the classics, then you shouldn’t have them permanent ink on you. A common issue with tattoo dreamers is that sometimes they struggle with the design. With getting a famous artwork by Van Gogh or Picasso  you don’t have to worry about getting a good designer or design, because someone famous already came up with it for you.

Tattooing famous artwork on your own body is an underrated. It makes your tattoo classy and artsy. Here are some of my favorite tattoo ideas:

1. Alphonse Mucha  is one of my favorite artists. Any art work from him will be a beautiful tattoo and can be shaped to fit any figure. Personally, I like the rib and back areas for tattoos. Larger areas work best if your trying to incorporate the details and whole picture.  His art work typically has ornate designs and portray women. If your into a fancier version of an old school military pin-up tattoo than any piece by him will do.ImageImage

2.Gustav Klimt another favorite artist of mine makes memorable romantic pieces. The Kiss by Klimt is one of his more popular pieces, but this mini and condensed version looks perfect for a rib tat. The best thing about art tattoos is that the tat will always be timeless because the artwork is timeless.Image

3.Salvador Dali  paintings like “Meditative Rose” is a surreal spin to the classic rose tattoo. If your a fan of roses, this one can be a good example of what the perfect rose should look like. Its also creative and adds a little more depth to a flower tattoo. The tat doesn’t have to be this big. What makes this a Dali rose is the single water drop on the petal. Just that one additive can make the rose tattoo you wanted more suggestive and surreal.Image

4. Banksy tattoo’s are up and coming  If you like the graffiti style and a tattoo with political meaning then this might be a great choice for you. I would only suggest this tattoo if your a hardcore banksy fan, and know the meaning behind the tattoo. That’s my forewarning.Image
5.Jason pollock tattoo is a design that even an amateur tattoo artist can do and will still look great and purposeful.enhanced-buzz-32518-1377277024-19 6.Picasso’s shape and line drawings are artistic and simple.  Maybe even taking out just a section, or one object from an artwork ( not doing the whole piece) can still make a great tattoo. The simple tattoos are best for those that aren’t that committed to covering their whole bodies or that just like a minimalists approach. I also think that taking just your favorite part of your favorite artwork really personalizes the tattoo. It’s like saying this is why I like this famous art so much and this is what speaks to me.enhanced-buzz-31441-1377278684-10

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