About “Me”

When I was little I used to draw my own dolls.  I didn’t care if I had barbies, the ones in my mind where better. And when I was tired with that I asked one of my parents to take me to the park, so I could watercolor a landscape.

As a kid, I got charcoal in my stocking for Christmas. Any normal child would think they had been bad that year, but I knew just what it was for. I would sketch my pets, family and x-mas tree on paper. And as a kid, Disney wasn’t my best place on earth; it was the Smithsonian. When my father took me to a museum it was like taking a baby to a candy shop.

My love for art hasn’t changed a bit. I still love drawing, painting and learning about art. And now I love writing about all aspects of art. My name is Natalie Hernandez and I currently am a student at Hood College. I am majoring in Communications Art and am minoring in Studio Art.  I have taken News writing, Painting 1 and 2, and Art History.

This blog is a testament to my love of art and will feature posts about different art topics relevant to my life.

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